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导读 at the same time, fresh a2 raw cow's milk is used to form the powder at one time, and the whole process of quality control from the farm to the table provides consumers with a higher quality of nutritional choices. In addition, the rich tast




Denim has never been out of fashion since it came on the scene, it is always young and never out of fashion. The breath of early spring is coming, it's time to bring out the denim in the closet to meet this spring. Pregnant women should also be beautiful, denim items ride up, play this fashionable spring.

Mom-to-be feel the wonder of life, with the fragrance of the past, a simple striped top black pants, whether with a loose BF style denim jacket or denim vest, fashionable and handsome came out, and then with a bright bag, this spring so that the mother-to-be fashion with a "ball" to run, and the baby to explore the future of the time together, raise the sail of happiness. The most important thing to remember is that you should be able to get the best out of your life.

Wearing advice: striped top manpower a, with different denim can wear a different style. If you feel that the color is too monotonous, the bright color of the bag is the eye-catching one, shoulder bag is this year have to have one of the single product!

Apparel Guide:

Denim jacket brand: Zara

Denim vest brand: Levi's

Ben's needs were merged into the Asahi Group.


Author Pan Pan

Recently, "a2 whole family nutritional solutions" added a new member, the new product a2 Purple Ton Ton was launched. Based on the unique advantages of A2-type protein, this product breaks through the high-end adult milk powder market with a2's consistent high-end quality, and at the same time, continues to satisfy the aspirations of contemporary young consumers and sophisticated mothers for a high quality of life.

Deep plowing of "whole milk strategy"

Breaking into the high-end market with ultimate productism

Under the new wave of consumption, people's lifestyles and consumer concepts are constantly changing. On the one hand, consumers pay more attention to their own demands to buy for their own pleasure, and more in pursuit of certainty of value, like to buy strong functional value of the goods; on the other hand, consumers in the purchase of goods, no longer just focus on the价格, but pay more attention to the quality of the product, the use of experience, the brand's reputation, etc., and are willing to pay for the brand's emotional value and high-end quality.

The actual A2 proteins in the new consumer market in China are continuing to be a hotspot for consumption, not only limited to infant formulas, but also extended to liquid milk and many other products such as adult milk powder.

As a pioneer and leading brand of A2 protein, a2 milk公司has been focusing on A2 protein research for more than 20 years, and is a公司that focuses only on A2 protein dairy products. The research results show that dairy products containing only A2 protein are more friendly to the human body and easier to digest. a2 milk has become the preferred choice of more and more consumers based on this unique health benefit.

In order to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers for a high quality of life, in 2024, a2 milk公司comprehensively open the "whole milk strategy" to extend the benefits of high-quality A2-type protein through a variety of product combinations to a wider range of people, more consumer scenarios, to provide more Chinese families with unique a2 whole family nutritional solutions! The new product has recently triggered the market. The recent market triggered the new product a2 purple tons tons is an important part of the "a2 whole family solution", is committed to comprehensive nutritional support to help consumers improve the quality of life.

Like a2 milk公司other star products, a2 purple tons of tons of milk from a2 source milk, containing precious A2 type protein, milk source in the world-famous golden milk source - New Zealand Canterbury plains of a2 exclusive farms. Through advanced genetic testing technology, every drop of milk is strictly tested to ensure that it contains only pure A2 protein; at the same time, fresh a2 raw cow's milk is used to form the powder at one time, and the whole process of quality control from the farm to the table provides consumers with a higher quality of nutritional choices. In addition, the rich taste of milk, only three spoons per cup to meet the daily needs of high calcium nutrients, as well as the convenience of cold water solubility is to make a2 purple tons of tons of outdoor trendsetter, the workplace elite women, sophisticated mothers, and drink milk easily gastrointestinal discomfort of parents and other groups of people must have a single product.

It can be said that the listing of a2 purple tons is not only a further deepening of the brand's "all-milk strategy" and a further strengthening of the brand's strengths, but also to set up a new benchmark of high-end quality with multiple advantageous selling points, which in turn has a profound impact on the competitive pattern of the adult milk powder market.

Creative marketing strength to break the circle

Creating long-term brand value

As we all know, if a brand wants to achieve high-quality growth, it must continue to innovate on the basis of adhering to quality. However, it should be noted that the purpose of innovation is ultimately to serve consumers, if the innovation can not be perceived by consumers, will be reduced to "buried in the backyard of the treasure", no one asked. Therefore, for the brand, how to have shocking creative content, the brand innovation to "visible and touchable" way to consumers, is also the key to its everlasting or even lead the industry.

Look back at a2 based on the development of the Chinese market, in addition to continuous inward refinement, continue to consolidate their own hard power, but also inseparable from the strengthening of its consumer mind and creative content to enhance the power. To a2 purple tons tons, for example, through innovative marketing play and create rich, textured marketing content, triggering product sales at the same time, but also to promote the brand continues to grow upward.

On the one hand, we leverage the high quantity and quality of fans behind the celebrities and their appeal to expand the brand's exposure and attention. a2 Purple Ton Ton chose all-around entertainer Sandalwood Kenji as the dairy product promotional ambassador to pry the young circle with his youthful and exquisite image, and released a short film of Sandalwood's acoustic a cappella debut of a new song, conveying the brand image of "a2 Source Milk, Original Pure Extracts, Luxurious" to the young consumers. The brand image of "a2 Source Milk, Native Pure Extract, Luxurious Product" was conveyed to young consumers, gaining higher recognition and trust from young people.